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We explore stories that portray the complexity of Mexico’s cultural mosaic and contribute to the expansion of expertise and professionalization of audiovisual endeavors towards new territories.


The Blue Years
Feature (2017)

A cat and an old run-down house are witnesses of the lives of five young people with high hopes and great uncertainties.

Winner of the FIPRESCI Award and of the Mezcal awards for Best Director and Best Actress (Paloma Domínguez) at the 32nd Guadalajara International Film Festival. Awarded for Best Mexican Feature at both the 20th Guanajuato International Film Festival and the 13th Monterrey International Film Festival. Nominated for Best First Work by the Mexican Cinema Academy.


Uncle Yim
Documentary (2019)

An immersion in the identity of a peculiar family shaped by tradition, music and communality. 

Driven by his daughter, Jaime Luna (Uncle Yim)  –indigenous philosopher, social leader and singer songwriter–, composes a new song about his life after 15 years of silence. But this time he will do it with his family, so the memories and interpretations are contradictory and painful.


Drawings against bullets
Documentary (2019)

A story of wounded childhood and the woman who try to heal it.

Women who live in Ciudad Juarez organize safe havens for children in some of the most violent neighborhoods in Mexico. There, Diana, Joseph and Gael seek out the freedom that they once had on the streets, and try to heal the wounds that the violence of organized crime has caused them. A loving depiction of the search for peace in Mexico.


Cock’s Quickie
Feature (post-production)

Mexico / El Salvador | Directed by Julio López | Production companies: Cine Murcielago, OA Sonido, Brujazul

Huachindango is a small capital city in a small Centralamerican country. In this city it is mandatory for women to enter some rooms, adminstrated by The System, where they must suffer different sorts of sexual agressions. All women will enter these rooms at least once in their lifetimes. There is a particular room that women are specially afraid of: The Cock’s Quickie.

Feature (in development)

Directed by Luna Marán

Facing the threat of having her community destroyed by a mining concession, Abril –the first woman who sits on the village’s council – will undertake the defense of the territory.

Feature (in development)

Written by: Luis Briones & Sofía Gómez Córdova | Directed by: Sofía Gómez Córdova

After the incomprehensible death of her only son, Carmen finds herself as a spectator of secrets and lies that contradict everything she thinks she knows about him.

The revolt
Documentary (in development)

Directed by: Lucero González | Produced by: Luna Marán

A journey through the 40 years of feminist life of a group of women united in a constant revolt.

On Hold
Feature (in development)

Written by: Arturo Arango & Sofía Gómez Córdova | Directed by: Julio López

A Kafkaesque virtual kidnapping of a foreign university professor leads to a desperate journey across the streets of a city taken by thousands of demonstrators protesting insecurity, in the context of the Mexican Revolution’s anniversary.

About us

Sofia Gomez Cordova


Originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, she studied filmmaking at the University of Guadalajara. For several years she has worked as an editor, writer, producer and director focused on promoting regional film industry in provincial Mexico. She has edited over a dozen short films and co-edited the feature documentaries The Naptime (Dir. Carolina Platt, 2014) and Portraits of a Search (Dir. Alicia Calderón, 2014). She co-wrote We are Mari Pepa (Dir. Samuel Kishi, 2013). In 2015 she co-founded production company Brujazul. In 2017 The blue years, her first feature as a director, was premiered and awarded with several prizes, including the FIPRESCI Award and nominated for the Silver Ariel by the Mexican Cinema Academy for Best First Work. Co-writer of The wolves (Dir. Samuel Kishi, 2019), and co-editor and co-producer of Uncle Yim (Dir. Luna Marán, 2019) and Drawings against bullets (Dir. Alicia Calderón, 2019). She currently prepares as writer and producer On-hold (co-written with cuban writer Arturo Arango and directed by Julio López) and her second feature as director Después (working title), co-written with Luis Briones.

Luna Maran


May 1, 1986. Originally from Guelatao, Oaxaca, she is a producer, director, cinematographer, exhibitor and cultural manager. Graduated from the University of Guadalajara, she develops projects focused on provincial regions. Since 2011 she has led her native Guelatao at the Northern Sierra of Oaxaca towards becoming an important national reference for audiovisual training and exhibition from a community and social perspective. She has directed the shortfilms Nocturnos and I am so like you. The blue years (2017) was her first feature as a producer.  The documentary Uncle Yim (2019) is her debut film as director.

Miriam Henze


Miriam was born in Cologne, Germany, but lived since the age of five in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. She graduated in Audiovisual Arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara and studied a semester abroad at the faculty for Social Sciences at the Universität Bielefeld as a DAAD-ISAP scholarship holder. In 2014 Miriam coordinated the first Gender Lab, a project-development platform from the International Film Festival with Gender Perspective in Mexico City. She has worked as a freelance producer and with Brujazul she produced The blue years. Miriam currently lives in Berlin and is pursuing a master’s degree in Film and Television production at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.

Ernesto Trujillo


Majored in Audiovisual Arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara, he has participated as a cinematographer in several shortfilms, such as Us and Them (2017), Beast (2017), Through your eyelids (2015),  The last battle against the damned pigeons (2014), The great leader (2013).  He is cinefotographer of The Blue Years (2017, FIPRESCI Award, nominated by the Mexican Academy for best first work). He holds a Master degree in Direction of Cinematography by the ESCAC (Escuela Superior de Cine y Audiovisuales de Cataluña).